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Labor & Employment Law

This is the area of law where we most commonly relate to relationships between trade unions, employers and the government. We have become one of the best labor law practitioners in town.

Property Law

We are highly experienced in property law and we offer faultless advice to clients relating to property and to the pledged relationship between the various parties involved in property transactions.

Wills & Deceased Estates

Our experienced, civil and knowledgeable attorneys can assist you in resolving the estate of the deceased. We can defend your rights and the rights of your loved ones from this challenging circumstance.

Municipal Law

Municipal Law

Municipal law includes many levels of law: not only national law but also state, provincial, territorial, regional or local law. Maema Attorneys provides all levels in a descent, strategic and wise manner.

Business Litigation

We offer eviction rights advice to clients who may be experiencing serious difficulty with tenants who refuse to vacate their property. We assist with commercial, residential lease as well as the eviction procedure.

Matrimonial Law/Divorce

Matrimonial Law/Divorce

Our expert divorce lawyers are able to assist with all parts of the divorce process. Our services include: Uncontested Divorce; Divorce Litigation; Custody; Division of Assets

Administrative Law

Administrative Law

As Administrative officials we derive our authority or jurisdiction from a legal instrument or rule, and may only do what the law authorize us to do. This is known as the principle of legality, which requires that as administrative authorities we not only refrain from breaking the law, but that all our content comply with the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights. Our sources of administrative law are, in order of importance: the Constitution; legislation; and the common law.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our criminal law department will investigate every aspect of your case and will ensure that all areas are trailed excessively before your matter proceeds to the Court Room. Our firm can assist on various levels specific to your criminal matter. We are able to assist with after-hour bail applications, police bail applications, bail applications at Court and formal bail applications at Court. If your matter then grows any further, we can assist in having the necessary expertise at your disposal to effectively prepare for trial and to ensure that the evidence available in your matter is presented in Court.

Personal Injury Claims

Our law firm is experienced in and capable of handling Road Accident Fund injury and loss of support cases. We also handle loss of support cases and cases where the injuries range from fractures to more severe cases. Our Experienced Attorneys Can Assist You:

  • Recover medical expenses
  • Recover loss of income and/or productivity
  • Obtain compensation for pain and suffering and/or loss of amenities of life

Why work with

 Maema Attorneys?:


Our vast experience puts us in good stead to litigate in personal and commercial fields. Starting with Labour & Employment laws, insurance & personal injuries fields for helping the individuals including property law to business arbitration & mergers and acquisitions for the commercial and business entities, we have it all covered… Our team will be glad to provide you with top-notch service and uphold your interests either in court or by reaching a confidential settlement in your favour…

98% cases won

Our track record speaks for itself! We’ve won or settled cases in our clients’ favour, a whopping 98% percentage of the times… That required us to make carefully considered choices, timely diligence and an incredible range of legal wit, but year after year we keep doing it! So regardless of you needing a civil or commercial litigation services, be sure that with Maema Attorneys in charge of your legal interests the chance to win is 98 out of 100! We’ve never settled for a defeat in any of our cases, we’d rather fight all the way!

Timely & Affordable

While we’ve already told you that we work with a whole variety of civil and commercial litigation, there are two more advantages to hiring our Maema Attorneys… Firstly, we never waste our clients time – either for redundant paperwork or for stockpiling their cases while doing hearings in the court. We only take on matters we strongly believe we can get your interests upheld and your case won in as quickly as only legally possible. Also, we’re proud to be one of the most affordable law firms in Gauteng!

We resolve legal problems in a concise and value driven way

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